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grow faster

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Sales Operations

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Internet of Things

Device management.

Applications, Development and Reporting.

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What we offer

SalesMachines unleaches the power of machine data with one sole purpose: drive sales... Sales... SALES!  Why not use a sheer endless series of data that allready is there in your organisation?  It's there for grabs!  We show you where and how to get it.

Build your own Solution

We help you draw your own scenario.


SalesMachines helps you link your machines to your CRM-systems.

Devices and Solutions

Find the right device for the right solution.


Find the magic links within all of your data.

About Us


You have come to the right place.

For over 15 years, team members of SalesMachines have experience in applying technology in sales environments.  CRM and BI are in our DNA.



You don't need eyes, you need vision.

What good is just another gimmick?  What good is doing things without actually having a plan?  IoT as a sales driver is not just some 'Spielerei,' it's serious.  You need to plan accordingly.



Marketing and Sales are walking hand in hand.

The time where Marketing and Sales were separate units is long gone.  With IoT, these units never were closer!


Are you looking for IoT-for-Sales?
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