a few words about us

SalesMachines comes as a spin-off of SalesBridge.   With SalesMachines, we truly believe that machines and sensors can drive your sales and make your business grow.  Not just the machine, but the machine with the related data can help you bring new insights in how your business is running, how your customer behaves.


These insights will help you in transforming your current business model towards more sustainable and modern market approaches.   With IoT, you are potentially looking at becoming a pace-maker for your industry by transforming your current business.

This transition will never be possible without the right set of data.  SalesMachines can help you in unveiling the possibilities IoT offers to getting the required data.  By linking these data to your CRM-solution, you will unleach an unmatched set of insights.

SalesMachines has this unique vision and wants to share this with you.


our team

  • Karl Odent

    When you are running your company as a CEO, CFO or sales manager, chances are high, that you…

  • Philip Debaere

    With over 20 years of experience in defining solutions for software-related questions, Philip answers your questions with tailor-made…

  • Joke Vandecappelle

    Joke has the unique talent of seeing the forest through the trees, even at times when we see…